Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cross Connections 2009- Fall Exhibition

This fallthe Southern miss department of Art and Design unveiled plans for the cross connection exhibit in partnership with the department of visual communication of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in China. The exhibition was held from October 15th up until November 15th, 2009, in Dalian, China. The cross connection exhibition serves as a medium for all types of art to be displayed. The cross connection is basically a traveling exhibition.

All of the art featured is from USM students and faculty members. According to the professor and Chair of the USM department of Art and design, William Baggett, the exhibition "spotlights a dynamic relationship between both institutions." The collaborative effort showcases diversity and the dedication that each artist put into their work. Although you may not be able to travel to China, you can view some of the art work here at

Pride and Prejudice

This November "Pride and Prejudice" is a play being put on by the USM Arts Department. Originally "Pride and Prejudice" was a novel written by Jane Austen. The novel was published on January 28th, 1813. Primarily the novel's title was "First Impressions", but after publication rejection the author decided to revise the novel. After revision Jane Austen named the novel "Pride and Prejudice". The summary of "Pride and Prejudice" in short is dealing with relationships but in a humorous way, the plot does thicken. The Southern Miss play of "Pride and Prejudice" is based on John Jorry's version of the novel. The play is said to be "a fast paced and highly theatrical adaptation" of the novel. Tickets for the "Pride and Prejudice" play went on sale November 12th, tickets are still on sale. For ticket information visit http://ev6.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ExecMacro/evenue/ev69/se/Main.d2w/report?linkID=usm or call 601-266-5418

C-Span Visits Southern Miss

Earlier this month the university students had a chance to tour the C-SPAN tour bus, and potentially ask any questions they would like. C-SPAN's tour stop here to Southern Miss was one of many tour stops they had to make. At the time C-SPAN was in the process of a national tour, giving insight on their public affairs program to students and anyone interested. The bus tour also discussed the C-SPAN 2010 Student Cam. The Student Cam is a documentary style competition that C-SPAN holds annually. The competition usually involves some type of theme, this year's theme was "asking middle schoolers questions." The C-SPAN bus tour came to an end in mid November, however the deadline for the Student Cam competition is not over. All information about the competition can be found at
http://www.studentcam.org/ For more information about the C-SPAN bus tour and it's future dates visit http://www.c-span.org/