Tuesday, November 17, 2009

C-Span Visits Southern Miss

Earlier this month the university students had a chance to tour the C-SPAN tour bus, and potentially ask any questions they would like. C-SPAN's tour stop here to Southern Miss was one of many tour stops they had to make. At the time C-SPAN was in the process of a national tour, giving insight on their public affairs program to students and anyone interested. The bus tour also discussed the C-SPAN 2010 Student Cam. The Student Cam is a documentary style competition that C-SPAN holds annually. The competition usually involves some type of theme, this year's theme was "asking middle schoolers questions." The C-SPAN bus tour came to an end in mid November, however the deadline for the Student Cam competition is not over. All information about the competition can be found at
http://www.studentcam.org/ For more information about the C-SPAN bus tour and it's future dates visit http://www.c-span.org/

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